• Festivalle Plus ButterScotch Oak

  • Festivalle Plus Honey Oak

  • Festivalle Plus Light Walnut

  • Festivalle Plus Natural Oak

  • Festivalle Plus Northern Maple

  • Festivalle Plus Suede Hickory

  • Festivalle Plus Sunset American Cherry

  • Georgetown Blush Cherry Plank

  • Georgetown Canadian Maple Plank

  • Georgetown Honey Oak Plank

  • Georgetown Natural Cherry Plank

  • Georgetown Natural Merbau Plank

  • Georgetown Natural Teak Plank

  • Georgetown Rosewood Plank

  • Georgetown Saddle Oak Plank

  • Georgetown Sierra Oak Plank

  • Kincade Glazed Hazelnut Cherry

  • Kincade Honey Blonde Maple

  • Kincade Sun Kissed Brown Maple

  • Midland Cherry

Laminate Flooring

We know that you have a vision for your house. Our wide selection of beautiful laminate flooring will make your house looking like you always dreamed. We service Visalia, Tulare, Porterville, Hanford, Selma, or nearby cities. Please call  or fill out 559-697-5544 contact form to learn more about what kind of discounts we can get for you.

Beautiful Laminate

We can help you get your laminate flooring at a price that can’t be beat.  Our 10+ years of experience in the field will ensure that your laminate flooring get installed right the first time. Please visit our show room in Visalia to view more selections.


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